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Races: Standard Races only

Custom Rules


Use of a teleportation circle requires the teleport spell to activate. The spell can be cast as a 3rd level spell for this purpose but the caster must have the spell memorized for the day to utilize it.
however you can cast this spell as a 3rd level spell as long as you have it memorized for the day.

Greater Teleport works as normal but Teleport needs a Teleport circle to be set up ahead of time to transport to.

The person being teleported needs to have visited the teleportation circle at least once to be familiar with its location before they can
To teleport to a Teleportation circle with Teleport you must have visited the Teleportation Circle once to be familiar with its location.
Teleportation Circle (Wonderous Item Creation)
Small Stone Building carved with special runes and the magic is linked to a location so moving the Stone Structure will break the magic. This structure allows for up to 30 people to be teleported into it in a single use. Additionally it will magically pull all that teleport into any area in a 10 mile radius that fail a Will save DC 20 to instead teleport into the Teleportation Circle.
Spells needed: Teleport; Cost: 100,000gp

Prestige Classes

Ask if there is one you are interested in. Most requirements unless they make sense that you’d need them won’t be needed but you will also need to nd someone in game that can aid you in acquiring the class or meet something in game terms to get it.
Assassin can be of any alignment not just evil but you need to become trust worthy enough with some form of secret guild that they will entrust you with the name of someone they are gunning to kill.


Guns are in the world but they are not normally sold in towns. Finding people to craft them or make them requires finding a gunslinger in most cases. This is the same for ammunition.
Advanced Firearms are available and I am using the x on Rapid Reload that for Advanced Firearms will make it a Swift reload instead of doing nothing as they aren’t listed in the description of the feat in the new book and it sounds like they meant for it to work for any rearm.


Any feats or items from outside the base books Core, and Ultimate books. Know which book they came from for reference. If not from Paizo get DM permission first. Additionally Psionics Unleashed, and High Psionics Compilation Volume 1 from Dreamscared is allowed.

Character Death and Making a New Character

When recreating characters if you die. Preference would be that the character is of a race that is common from the area the PCs are in at the time. Remember resurection is available in the world and if well enough known you may be able to get resurrected with owing the temple a favor or doing a quest for them.
I won’t force this but I’ll reward the created character with some type of bonus.

Alchemical Components

Idea is from Adventurers Armory pg 26. Give me a copy
of your spell lists and I’ll let you know what dierent alchemical
items can do for your spells. This only works with arcane magic.
Ones in the book are not all valid. There will be more and
all spells can be tweaked with alchemical properties but not
every alchemical item can be used on every spell some only
have 1 or 2 tweaks.

Holy Relics

Clerics can alter their spells through holy relics they can use as Divine Focuses. To connect themself to a new Holy Relic it takes 8 hours of meditation.
Holy Relics are things connected to their god. Different holy relics can affect some spells slightly different.


Psionics cannot be tweaked by Alchemical Power and Holy Relics. Psionic Resistance is equivilent to Magic Resistance. It is similar to arcane magic in every way except that they
can be augmented.
For skill checks not decypering spells or psionics being cast or auras. Psicraft is identical to Spellcraft.


Due to the versitility they have in their spells they cannot use Alchemical Power Components, and cannot use Holy Relics. Wordcasters are rethemed instead of words of powers they
are considered Rune Casters. They work the same but in the world they are just refered to as Rune Casters.

Custom Rules

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